Teething…Our Story

A Parents Experience of Teething

Teething child the joys its brings!

Ok, so as a Dad….yes a Dad this is not Mom this is Dads story of the teething stage.

It was Friday morning some time in March and I was checking my mail and reading the morning news on my cell phone, nothing unusual just a normal day in our family home.

However one of my kids was crying, and again this is nothing unusual, but i noticed this was a different kind of crying, there was a note not normal in the sound of the crying, and this odd note alerted me to look up at my 9 month old child.

He look red faced but his face was kind of screwed up…I kept looking at him and I was concerned, was he sick, was there something wrong with him, my adrenalin began to run…i shouted for my wife and she came away from doing some chores and we both investigated our crying baby.

Whats wrong with him we both said to each other, not in voice but with our eyes.

Anyway so be both sat there and began to analyze the way he was acting, did he need a poo or a wee?, after much messing around we discovered the answer to that question was NO.

I said “I think he might be hungry” Wife said “he has had breakfast” anyway I got some soft banana mushy stuff and began to spoon it to him….he blatantly looked at me with anger and turned away.

Still a mystery we spend another hour going on Google, looking at books, trying to work out what was going on, we were 5 minutes away from calling the Doctor when i put my finger in his mouth and……SCREEEEAAAM!

At this point we both decided to check his little mouth, on inspection our poor babies gum were red and looking very sore….My boy was starting to teeth, oh man! the relief it was nothing serious was incredible.

This was the first time teething had touched us as a family, and although we was aware of teething, we did not expect it and really it was far from our mind, after all as a parent of a new child you worry about every cough, scratch and cry.

So, what did we do, well to begin with we sought some advice from friends and family of how best to relive the sore gums, we tried some cold soothers and some gel, but really you have to go through the pain, the grumpy crying can last a week or so, but you have to go through it, so be ready for a frustrating few days.

So after you have gone through the worst of it, the best way to deal with them baby teeth coming through is by getting a teething toy, us personally we got him a teething ring, this worked a treat, its kept him quiet and calm for hours on end.

After all this before we knew it we were through the teething stage and our happy little boy was back to his old self.


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