Stokke Crusi: Honest Review

If you are a new mom, it is a great idea to consider the stokke crusi stroller for your toddler. With so many baby strollers to choose from today, it can be challenging to pick the best one for your child. However, you need to know that the stokke stroller is best baby stroller so far. The stokke crusi has different features with an optional sibling seat. This stroller is designed to put a child much closer to the parent than a normal stroller would. This promotes bonding and development as well as comfort and security for the child. The stokke stroller can be used from birth, to 15kg single seat and 20kg duo seat. This allows the baby to face you or out, and it consists of 5 seat positions from resting to high chair position.


Setting up this stroller is super easy. All you need to do is to follow the manual’s clear instructions. Once you open the package, you need to attach the wheels to the chassis.  After locking the seat, you should check the green indicator that lets you know whether the seat is attached to the chassis the right way. The stokke crusi stroller can be folded flat, which makes it easier to store. The handle of the stroller is also adjustable. The stroller can also easily extend, this makes it easier for a mom to find a comfortable position depending on their height.

The stokke crusi also comes with a mosquito net and rain cover that is easy to install.  The fact that the seat has a fixed reclined position makes it more comfortable for the child. Whether you decide to put your toddler on the top seat or down there, he or she will be more than comfortable. For a newborn, you can place him in the upper seat so as to see his face when you are walking.  Pushing the stokke crusi stroller is smooth and easy. It fits on hands, balances well and safe to provide a comfortable ride for the child. The size of the wheels makes the stroller to maneuver easily. Also, the brake has a bright color which makes it easy to find, simple to use and keeps the stroller firmly locked in place. Sliding the button on the front makes the wheels effortlessly locked.  Stokke stroller also comes with a huge basket which has enough storage and is easily accessible.why you should buy a stokke crusi

Overall, as a mom, you can’t help not falling in love with this stroller.  The truth is that stokke crusi is higher than other baby strollers and gives you the privilege to connect with your child by being able to see their face all the time. It also has a top notch and exceptional engineered look, and it’s the type of stroller that will attract everyone’s attention.  If you have an older toddler, they can always use the sibling seat if they need a break from walking.  It is important to know that this stroller is not bulky like many double strollers.


If you are looking for a stroller, I highly recommend stokke crusi stroller because it is less bulky, easy to push and has a sibling seat option. This stroller has it all; mechanism, comfort and style.  As a mother, you need to invest in a stroller that is long lasting and offers great services. This stroller is best for your child because it is worth your every dime. With stokke stroller, you are assured of using it for years to come. The stokke baby strollers also come in different colors, which are more exciting. If you want a specific color for your baby, all you need is to choose. Pushing this stroller around buildings as well as lifting it is very easy. If you want to provide the best stroller ride for your toddler, you need to purchase stokke crusi, the best baby stroller. Stokke Crusi is available to purchase HERE

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  • Zoe says:
    5 stars

    We bought a stokke crusi for our second baby and have to say though they are not cheap it is the best stroller we have ever had or tried, it is really well made and so easy to use we just love it.

  • Rachael says:
    5 stars

    Love this buggy, best money i have ever spent on a baby product. The Stokke Crusi just does what it is meant to do and does it better than any other baby buggy.

  • Jamie says:
    5 stars

    Thanks for your thorough review. I’ve been looking for a stroller that folds easily and has a sibling seat. I really like how this model brings you closer to your baby! Easy to push is also critical–my current stroller is difficult to maneuver around corners especially.

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