Kids and Gadgets

Kids and Gadgets…

So it is 2014 and every where you look everyone is either on there phone or on some kind of tablet device.

It seems that today people just cannot be away from some kind of social activity on there electronic device, how many time do you see drivers texting, on the phone, or people crossing the road stuck to there phone typing some pointless message.

This brings me to my family home, as a parent you want your kids to be happy and fulfilled so you buy them the latest gadgets, be it for birthday or Christmas, you do this because every other kid wants the same or they already have this thing, and you feel your kid must have this thing!

Anyway, my little girl turned 10, and as parent we thought what would she want?, she had grown out of dolls and board games, and was leading towards a more social well being.

As parents we thought this was good, she was now wanting to go out from the family home and spend time with school friends…this was great for her development, so we of course encouraged it.

Our little girl was growing up, and we as parents were happy with the way she was progressing.

Her 11th birthday approached and we got her an I phone…OK its was my wife’s old iPhone 4, but still for an 11 year old this was an amazing birthday gift.

We were happy for her to have this and encouraged her to download apps that would help with her schooling, we even coached her on how to use the device and the do’s and dont’s.

let me tell you something…11 year old girls grow up, not by the month or even by the week…no they grow up by the day, and what is it that makes them grow up at this super speed? BOYS!

Yes parents, if you have an 11 year old daughter she is bound to be into boys by now, and this is where everything changes and i mean EVERYTHING.

I am sure you have noticed some behavior and attitude changes, suddenly your little girl has a huge attraction to boys!  all they talk about now is this boy did this and this boy did that.

So, lets get back on track and GADGETS.

Our 11 year old girl discovered all the great and magical social things her I phone thing could do, this was not only discovered by her but every single 11 year old she or didnt know at school, so as parent we started to see an increased use of her phone, but this changed from her playing games before to an obsession of “what is everyone else doing”.

Not old enough for Facebook, our little girl found other social mediums, like her friends and school colleagues, where they could interact on a 24/7 basis.

We noticed our 11 year old becoming obsessed with what is going on, what are they doing, or what is happening, all the time, in fact she didn’t nothing else but have her face stuck in her phone.

We as parents could not fail to notice this behavior, and it became a concern, we felt, our daughter spent more time on her phone than she did talking to us.

We spoke to her, explained our concerns, but this just went on deaf ears, it appears that today’s kids are more interested on gossip and pointless interaction with each other than they are with spending time chatting to there parents.

We decided to limit the time our daughter spend on her phone so she could concentrate on her schooling more, but we are sure as many parents probably experience, its difficult and this new easy social activity is causing a massive distraction.




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