Diary Of A Pregnancy

My Pregnancy Diary

This is my personal journey of how my pregnancy went in the first 8 weeks. How I coped, what I went through , the highs and the lows, all what is written here has been taken from my very own pregnancy diary, so i hope you enjoy and find interesting to read.

Weeks 1 – 2

Scientifically or medically speaking, on the first two weeks of woman’s menstrual cycle, she has her period. Meaning, I wasn’t pregnant for these first two weeks. I don’t know, I’ve read other stuff about doctors talking about how and why this is but it just doesn’t seem to get registered into my brain. But it was scientific, so what the heck.

Little did hubby and I know that we were already giving life to another living creature. Frankly speaking, we were least expecting this to happen.

Week 3

Saturday morning, I was sure something wasn’t right. I was feeling rather shitty since the previous week and I’ve somehow miraculously managed to keep the nausea, cramps, and exhaustion from my ever so watchful husband. I took iron supplements when I first began feeling these hellish symptoms, thinking it was just my anemia starting up again because of working too hard. Since my husband was working late(being a programmer and all) that day, I decided to make a short stop to the nearest drug store and bought a pregnancy test. When I got home, I took the test and I was pretty sure something

so excited pregnancy test positive

I screamed when the blue lines showed up a few seconds later. Don’t get me wrong, I had nothing against having children but for this to come out of the blue? (Ha!See what I did there? No? Okay.) I was pretty sure that both my husband and I were not yet ready for this.After a half an hour of pacing aroud the house humming Led Zeppelin, I decided to keep the kid along with proceeding to keep it a secret till the next day. If hubby says otherwise, he can kiss my sweet ass goodbye!

So the next day, which was a very beautiful Sunday morning, I purposefully waited for Hubby dearest to drink his morning coffee when I broke the news to him. I wished I had a camera with me because he spit the coffee out as soon as I said it. It. Was. Priceless! “Honey, April fools is not today.” he said.”I may be many things, dear, but I am not one to make pregnant jokes.”It took him a moment to fully register everything and I admit, I was a little — okay, I was really nervous about what his decision would be. Turns out, he just gave me a defeated smile and said, “Alright, then. Let’s start planning on raising little jumbo, yeah?”Thank goodness he raised the white flag. Oh, and I had him clean his coffee mess after that.

Week 4

I felt like I was dying. Seriously though, this “morning sickness” thing wasn’t limited exclusively on mornings, only. It goes on for the freaking day. I was surprised I hadn’t puked out my organs yet. Poor hubby had to clean up after my mess and bringing me stuff to help tone down the nausea. Another thing that made things worse is I ate the weirdest shit ever. Pickles and custard. Seriously? I don’t even like pickles! But the baby does. What the hell.my morning sicknessOne cold evening, hubby and I were on the living room floor playing Resident Evil: 6 when we began to talk about baby names. “What about Jake if it’s a boy? Or Sherry if it’s a girl?” he said. “Are we seriously going to name our child after a video game character?” I said. He shrugged. “Not a bad idea, though,””Nah, let’s go for something unique.” “Like what?” “Nero Claudius Augustus?” I suggested. Of course, we couldn’t name our baby after a tyrant Roman emperor who reigned during the ancient times. So we went to sleep instead.  Work was a harder than usual. I had to run to the loo to puke my organs out every so often. It was not a pretty sight and experience.

Week 5

I had to take a sick leave from work which, of course, saddened me. Hubby wasn’t letting me do that, though, so he made sure that I was entertained whenever he leaves for work. And when I say entertained, I mean he makes me watch movies on Netflix, play video games, read comic books, etc. Of course, he just had to forbid me from going outside in fear of me making a scene with barfing around the neighborhood.

I felt like crap. I was pretty much thinking around this time that maybe I wasn’t pregnant but was dying of some terrible disease that had extreme nausea and insane cravings as symptoms.

husband and pregnant wifeWeek 6

During this week, we had our first appointment with our OB/GYN. The appointment was at 8 A.M. and my husband, being the over-protective daddy eagle he is, skipped work just to go with me. I wasn’t sure if I should feel like that was a romantic gesture or if he only did that because I have a horrible sense of direction and he didn’t want me getting lost.

Week 7

I broke out the news to my friends and to our parents. Needless to say, everyone was shocked. Except my friend Jahlia. She was more ecstatic than my mother and mother-in-law was.

Week 8

This week was pretty important. I had my first ultrasound and I wasn’t sure if I should panic or be happy. When the technician/doctor/someone pulled up the ultrasound and pointed out baby, I froze. Hubby was horrified. Why? Simple. We were having triplets. TRIPLETS. As in three little thingies that I have to pop out of my vagina. There were clearly three jelly-bean looking figures.

I spent nearly the entire week calming down my husband. How was he the one panicking? He wasn’t the one pregnant! But then, I guess it was understandable. We were oriented with the possible outcomes of pregnancy. Having triplets wasn’t exactly safe. Plus, I was a big time anemic. It took all of me to scream at him to calm the fuck down because I’m the one that’s supposed to be panicking! I managed to calm him down but that didn’t stop his doubts. At least I know just how important I was to him.

This week was hectic.

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