Baby Teething

Baby teething can be a very frustrating period of your life but fear not….this story is about my experience as a new parent of a teething baby.

June 2014 my little baby boy began to become irritated, i wondered why, was he hungry was he stressed through lack of sleep? as this was my first baby I was confused and unsure as to what was going on, in fact to be honest i was scared and worried that something serious was wrong with my precious baby.

So, i held my little baby…ok not so little now but you know what i mean, i looked at him and thought to myself, whats wrong why do you seem to be so irritated and stressed, anyway after talking to friends and family and researching on the internet, i discovered it was TEETHING!.

OK teething, that’s not so bad, my baby is not sick he is just uncomfortable, however an adult being uncomfortable compared to a young baby is completely different, my baby had sore gums and was feeling pain for the first time in his little life.

So, i thought, what do i do, how can i relieve this discomfort how do i ease the pain? this is all new to me.

I sat there looking at my poor boy thinking i just want you to feel happy and pain free but his face was telling me different his face was saying my gums hurt and my baby teeth are pushing through my sore gums.

Anyway, after much thinking and googling i decided ok i need to get him something to ease his sore gums, first i thought will a hot water bottle help, but no that was no help, maybe some soft food….oh no! that just made things worse and he cried……oh he cried.

So, lets get him dressed and lets go in to town to see what we can do to help my poor grumpy boy, i headed to the pharmacy and various baby stores and walmart, some helped some were indifferent but I ended up getting some sore gum teething solution and a teething toy, after a few hours, the smile on my little boys face began to re appear, and the unbelievable relief of anxiety was incredible, my little baby boys gums were being soothed by a teething toy.

So, to new Moms I would like to reassure them that though there are so many worrying periods we go through with a new born baby i am so happy to tell you that the teething stage is one that can be easily resolved with a teething toy and some teething medication.

I hope my story helps some new Moms.






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  • Melissa says:
    5 stars

    Thanks for sharing your story. I was lucky in that my mom could tell my son was teething right away and recommended that I get a teether. I found your site while looking up options for teethers online. 🙂 Your site has some very useful ideas that I will share with friends.

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