Baby Teething Powder

Baby teething power

Many people have been asking us a about what we think of baby teething powders, so hopefully here we can shine a light on what theyteething-powder-help are and if you should use them.

Firstly, do not use any type of medication on your child without speaking to your Doctor first.

Secondly only go to teething powders if you have tried all other methods to ease teething pain.

There are lots of teething powders on the market, some have very little effect and some have a good effect at easing sore gums, but these may also effect the stomach and maybe the mood of your Baby.

Teething powders are a medication that you give to your baby and these teething powders will contain some natural extracts as well in some case chemicals, so what will a typical teething powder do

  • Relieve symptoms of a mild upset stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Irritability
  • Nervousness

However they may also cause

  • Upset stomach
  • Sore stomach
  • Numb mouth

But, teething powders that are sold in the United States must pass strict safety standards, so be assured that they are made to not harm your baby in anyway are are very safe to use, but we must emphasize that you check with your Doctors before you use a teething powder and the first time you use it that you keep a close eye on your baby for any reaction.

However….some Moms that have discovered teething powders have been amazed at the relief they bring to Baby and of how they seem to lift baby’s mood, we have spoken to parents who say that teething powders were a blessing and that what a difference they have made to family life, in fact one Mom said that with teething powders the teething stages was a breeze and she had little or no stress.

A teething powder that kept getting mentioned due to its apparent magical benefits on your grumpy sore gummed baby was a teething powder by Ashton & Parsons, we have never tried this so we would be very interested to know of any parents that have used this particular powder and of how it went.

So lets go over a check list before you purchase any teething powders

  • Tried rubbing gums with cool water
  • Tried calming baby with cuddles
  • Tried a teething toy
  • Tried an Amber Teething Necklace
  • Tried a chilled teething toy
  • Tried a wooden teether
  • Spoke with your Doctor

If all the above have been done, then we would say that a teething powder would be worth a try.

We would love to hear your views and experiences, we hope this has been of some help and guidance to you.





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